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Prato Carnico

Prato Carnico
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The area had been inhabited already in the 2nd century AD by the people from Carnia. Then came the Romans and afterwards the Longobards. It is also sure, that the Patriarch's authority was present in the Castle of Pradumbli (deriving from [...]

Prato Carnico
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Albergo Diffuso Il Grop Albergo Diffuso Il Grop | Prato Carnico | 3 moons   Villa - Apartment

You can feel and find the harmony in equilibrium between green and blue in the purity of an air that still smells of hay and wood; you can deep yourself into an eternal atmosphere of the seasons by the blooming of [...]

Albergo Diffuso Il Grop
-- map   average price per double room: less than 60 €

The unique opportunity to become active part of that great country named Carnia 

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Sot i Volz (23,6 km) - Arta Terme (Bed and Breakfast)
The B&B "Sot i volz" owes its name to some architectural elements which characterize the whole house complex: the 16th century arches and cross vaults. They are still visible and well preserved and they represent the typical Carnic civil architecture of that period. Originally the complex belonged to the ancient Somma family. Owners have changed with the passing of time and presently the B&B is run by the De Colle-Di Ronco family, which has been living there for a few years now. [ ... ]



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