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Tarquinia was founded by the Etrurians and it had been one of the main Etrurian towns because of its strategic geographical position (it was more towards North-East than it is nowadays) that gave it the opportunity to dominate the surrounding plain [...]

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Tourist Areas

Tourist areas to which Tarquinia belongs:
  • The Coast of Lazio
  • Maremma
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    Podere Giulio Podere Giulio | Tarquinia | 3 moons   Country inn

    Overlooking the sea and framed by the splendid Etruscan hills of Tarquinia with their wealth of culture and history, the Podere Giulio farm is located in countryside of almost unspoilt natural beauty. The farm offers its visitors an harmonious setting combining [...]

    Podere Giulio
    -- map   average price per double room: 60 - 100 €

    Un vero agriturismo a Tarquinia tra storia e mare 

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    Borgo Roncone (34,6 km) - Viterbo (Country inn)
    "Borgo Roncone" is an organic family-owned farm, where you breathe a comfortable and confidential atmosphere. It's located at just 2 kilometres from the historical center of the medieval town of Viterbo, at 550 m above sea level and immersed in green of the woodland park of "Borgo Roncone", far from noise and traffic. [ ... ]



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    Podere Giulio | 
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